Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hamsters On Me

Just when you think life couldn't get any bleaker. When you couldn't possibly have a worse day than yesterday. When your heart feels like it was ripped from your chest, torn to bits and then shoved back in again. When someone tells you that if they'd had the choice of being born they would have said no. When the only thing worse than life right now would be if you were dying or dead and even that has a positive slant to it because at least all this crap making you miserable would be someone else's problem. When you have told God that you don't plan on communicating with Him any longer because it has become quite obvious no one is listening. Because if someone was listening they would at least have the decency to acknowledge your presence. Right?

Then someone out in the great beyond sends you this: Flying Hamsters
(it's nice to know God has a sense of humor)

best score so far 233


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Nick and Tami said...

This is not your normal blog, my friend. Is something up? Is there anything I can do?
Love, Tami