Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brenda Starr

If this was 1942, and my house was the bustling newsroom of some big city paper, and if people still used typewriters instead of laptop computers, the clickitty clack of keys and the ding of a returning carriage would be vibrating the walls. We have a reporter in the house. The new millennium kind of reporter that writes for the fast paced world of entertainment news on the internet. Our very own Brenda Starr.

After six months out of work, Elisabeth has a job at last, writing for Cinematical.com, a web magazine operated by MovieFone and AOL. She is watching the wires until the wee hours, then sleeps until noon, and hits them again for the late breaking midday news. Beth is the snarky new girl geek on the beat, and already her articles have drawn in several hundred new readers to the site and generated the second highest comments in February. She wrote about Viggo Mortenson being snubbed at the Oscars for Eastern Promises and how Nim's Island with Gerard Butler will be helping to educate kids on coral reefs and living green. Wolverine and Wall*E and are just part of the everyday grind at the keyboard.

"So Brenda, tell us what's it like being an ace reporter?"
"It sucks, Daphne Dimples is making my life miserable."

It isn't much and the pay doesn't even qualify as poverty level, but its a start. I hope its the beginning of something bigger and better. I'd love to see her entertainment articles in Rolling Stone, People, or the NY Times some day.

Will there be a mystery man with an eye patch in our Brenda's future? I'd prefer two eyes of the blue-green variety, but that's just me....


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